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A Guide to Choosing and Eating a Ripe Papaya

If you love to eat papaya, then you probably know that the amount of calories in papaya is very low. Also, the taste of this pulpy fruit is enough to tempt you. If you are one of those people who are trying to figure out how to choose, as well as how to eat papaya, then this is the right article for you.

With the growing popularity of papaya benefits, supermarkets are also filling up with fruit.

Even health nuts are choosing the fruit not only for its health benefits but also because papaya calorie intake is not something they have to worry about.

So, how does one choose the right fruit to eat? When is it best to eat it?

Pick a ripe fruit

It can be detected whether the papaya fruit is just ripe or fully ripe by the color of the skin. If you want to maximize the benefits of papaya that can be obtained, you need to choose a fragrant fruit. It should be largely orange or yellow compared to green.

When the fruit is slightly pressed, it should not give way completely but should remain relatively firm. If the fruit is slightly hard, it is unripe, too soft, and the fruit is probably overripe. If you are buying the fruit for the first time and wondering how to eat papaya, it is better to avoid overripe fruits, as you may have trouble cutting it.

Papaya fruit ready to eat

Many buy fruits with enthusiasm and eagerness. Unfortunately, once they make it home, they are stunned because they are not quite sure what needs to be done with the fruit. If you are also wondering how to eat papaya, read on.

Best time to eat papaya

Since papaya calories are not something we need to worry about, the fruit is perfect to be consumed in breakfast, or after lunch and dinner. It is especially beneficial when eaten after a meal that contains meat.