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All About The Starseed Signs

What are the signs that you're a Starseed and what does it mean? This article will be about Starseed's signs. Many people experience a Starseed awakening in the same way that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening over the past few years. Starseed memories may be distant, reminiscing of another planet. They might be vivid and clear, calling us "home". These are the points regarding starseed signs.

1. Feeling like an alien

First, you may feel like an alien. Because of your interconnectedness through the internet, it may be easy to find comfort in knowing that there are other "aliens" just like you. It must have been hard for you to find a place where you feel at home. Perhaps you are still looking for that sense of belonging. This is an inner feeling that Starseed has.

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2. Fascination with the Stars

Your fascination with the stars and the universe is another sign that you are a Starseed. Stargazing is a favorite activity of yours. Stargazing brings you a feeling of calm and comfort that is unlike anything else.

3. Strong imagination

A strong imagination is the third sign that you are a Starseed. Despite the fact that many Starseed's have blocked their third eye, once this is cleared, they can experience the most fascinating visions.

Signs that you are a Starseed can be tricky because many people may resonate with it. Starseed's aren't trying to distinguish themselves from others.