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Are You Using a Business to Business Sales Strategy Effectively?

Many b2b salespeople continue to go through the same old sales process over and over again without understanding the psychology behind complex buying decisions that are business-critical or value-add solutions. 

They get lucky sometimes, but not always. However, there are other b2b salespeople that seem to have more consistent "luck" in this field. They make their own luck by being more strategic and intelligent in complex sales situations.

To improve your sales strategy you can also hire Better Lead Generation Services.

B2B Lead Generation with Proven Results

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An experienced sales coach can provide a valuable outside perspective and new ideas that will help you to improve your sales strategy.

The Acid Test for Business to Business Sales – A Health Warning

This b2b sales acid exam focuses on business growth killers directly related to sales. Other "people-related" business growth killers will be covered in a separate article. 

These areas are interdependent and inextricably linked. It may be helpful to think about them together if you want your sales strategy to succeed. Some of these sales issues will directly impact other business areas and vice versa.

This b2b sales test is not for everyone. It's important to remember that you should treat any suggestions as an evolution of a sale and not a revolution in sales. You should avoid trying to tackle too many issues at once or you could end up with a disorganized and rebellious sales team. 

Consider hiring an outside b2b coach who has relevant experience in order to help you determine what is important, when it should be tackled (urgency), how to deal with it (the best approach).