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Coaching and Mentoring – Is There a Difference?

There are many sources for coaching services and there a many sources for mentorship. However, despite what an individual or practice calls itself, the actual service is often hard to differentiate as succinctly as the dictionary definitions. You can also join electrical business classes online.

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Recent years have seen a blending of the two practices. While there have many reasons for this, technology is a major cause of this blending.

Both professions are breaking free of tradition and constraints, and being offered in many forms, types of practices, avenues and under titles of consultant, coaching or mentoring.

Consequently, in practice today, the terms are often used interchangeably. Some may consider the terms coaching and mentoring as synonyms.

When asked for definitions, educated and savvy people seem to be all over the board and disagree on each’s function. Suffice to say that the practices overlap.

To some a coach is a mentor, a mentor is a coach. (Note: The author is not making a judgment on this phenomenon, but merely indicating the current state of the professions.)

Regardless of what is it called, this form of learning or teaching presents excellent opportunities for knowledge, advancement and growth generally at a faster pace.

Today’s lack of clarity exists despite differ roots for coaching and mentoring. Professional coaching as distinct profession of people development is relatively new. Its roots date back to the 1920’s though it did not really take hold until the 1970’s. Today is an informally regulated profession with many types: life coaching, business coaching, personal coaching to name a few.