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Driving Growth Through Back Office Solutions

Concentrating on core competencies such as trading and increasing returns means being able to delegate back-office decisions to competent partners. In the past, access to back-office solutions was reserved only for big players who had the operating budget to do so. There are many options available even to novice fund managers today. You can also avail the benefits of back-office solutions online via

The three functions that benefit greatly from fund management services are wealth management, accounting and client relations.

Fund management

Fund managers should propose transparent valuation guidelines that ensure investors get fair market value. They often need help pricing and evaluating the assets they manage, a process that can be time-consuming due to trading and strategic development.

In the financial industry, the emergence of new asset classes such as hedge funds has led to more sophisticated financial instruments. Portfolio management is becoming more complex and time-consuming. In this case, fund managers find it useful to work with fund managers who are experienced in the industry.

Accounting needs

Demands from institutional investors and pressure from regulators have led to an increasing need for systematic accounting. More than ever, the management of funds requires transparency, which can be achieved through a sound accounting framework and strict accounting practices.

Fund managers who specialize in back-office decisions must be able to provide income tax returns, K-1 tax returns, and other accounting requirements. These results are used for compliance, but also for reports on the effectiveness of fund management. Such records are available to potential investors and therefore make a significant contribution to overall capital growth.