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Fiance Visa Is Essential to Bring Your Fiance to the US

To enter the United States, your fiance must have a fiance visa if he is not an American citizen or a resident of the US. To obtain this fiance visa, your fiance must file a petition at the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration. Once you have been approved, your fiance will be able to receive a KI fiance visa from a US embassy in his country. 

The approval lasts for four months and gives you ample time to complete the process of obtaining a visa for your fiance. After you have obtained the fiance Visa, it is mandatory that you marry within 90 days of the date you received it. You can hire dedicated immigration and non-immigration visa attorneys online. 

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Your fiance can apply for permanent residency if he intends to stay and work in the US once he has received the fiance Visa. You can apply for a work permit upon arrival, or you can get it simultaneously with the fiance Visa. If your fiance doesn't intend to stay in the country, he must depart the country within the stipulated 90-day period.

After you have submitted the petition and received approval, you will be notified of all the documentation needed for a fiance Visa. All the forms required to apply for the fiance Visa will be sent to you. A valid passport must be in good condition with an expiry date of at least six months to allow your fiance to travel to the US on a fiance Visa.