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History of Toilet Tissue Paper In Australia

Just in case you don't fancy living in the 20th century and taking the simple conveniences we enjoy in everyday life, like common cosmetics like soap, toothpaste, and toilet paper, for granted. What do you do without all these things? For example, have you ever wondered who invented toilet paper and what was used before it was invented? To get more details about toilet paper you may check it here.

During the Victorian era, when only proper etiquette was accepted, society did not speak of "toilet paper or rolls of cloth". Today, the average Australian uses 57 sheets of toilet paper a day, or more than 20,805 sheets a year.

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More interesting than the history of toilet paper is a clever way to hide toilet paper rolls. When the Victorian era demanded the closure of "inconvenient" products such as toilet paper, a wide variety of special containers for woven toilet paper rolls were invented. This cute thing has a hidden compartment in the handle with 150 sheets of toilet paper cut into a fan shape.

Although today's toilet paper and its use is a natural part of life, the use of roll covers to carefully cover toilet paper rolls has become a hot trend in decoration.

Antique Tissue Covers has put together a sensational collection of lace and lace tissue boxes that faithfully reproduce the elegance of Victorian-era lace. Rolls of lace are uniquely successful in decorating your bathroom, covering toilet towels and distributing napkins together.