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How Does A Pool Dome Enclosure Benefit Swimming Pools?

With a pool dome cover, you can extend your bathing season and maybe even be able to swim year-round. A solar pool dome cover uses energy from the sun to heat your pool and the air around it.

A pool dome cover is a solar pool cover that is suspended by a frame high enough above the water that you can swim underneath while you are still heating your pool. Not only does it heat your pool, it also heats the air inside the dome by up to 40 degrees. 

This can greatly extend your swimming season at the outside pool. You can start earlier in the spring and swim well into the fall. If you have mild enough weather, you might even be able to swim year-round. The enclosure will block out wind that could cool a swimmer even on a warm day. It also prevents the wind from cooling the surface of the water.

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Sun domes will often be made of materials that block UV rays that can cause sunburn and damage your skin and eyes. But let enough pass so you can get a tan. Even if the water is too cold for swimming, a dome can be a warm place to lie in the sun on a cold but sunny day.

A pool dome will help keep your pool clean by blocking leaves, insects, and debris. This can help you save money on cleaning and maintaining your pool. Dome pool enclosures are a low-cost way to get an indoor pool that still offers the benefits of an outdoor pool.