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How To Choose Proper Golf Attire

As with all sports ,golf requires players to dress appropriately. The majority of golf courses have dress codes, the degree of observance varying in relation to how luxurious the course is. 

Although the common perception is that golf courses must adhere to dress codes to mark their sport as one that is reserved for elites, the reality of the matter is that women wearing appropriate ladies golf attire serves a purpose. 

ladies golf attire

It not only helps mark you as a participant in the sport, but helps you feel comfortable when you are playing in the sun for an extended duration. Even the footwear you are prescribed to wear helps to provide cushioning to your feet and support your body during your swing.

The standard golf attire that gets you into all courses would be a collared shirt, shorts or golf pants. Some courses will allow shorts made of denim, but spandex or denim isn't considered appropriate for golf clothing.

 The same is true for women, too. If you would like to wear golf attire, skirts and dresses are readily available. Select fabrics made from 100% cotton to ensure you're comfortable when you play and are not irritated by sweat dripping into your lower back.

 For colder days or an early morning game of golf ,a sweater slung with a shirt is an ideal choice. Although there isn't a color code for golf clothing however, lighter colors are suggested on warm days and darker shades for the hottest times to ensure you're comfortable while playing.