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How To Select Speaker Wire Gauge

If you're planning to set up an audio device with speaker wire gauges, one the most important aspects you need to keep in mind is the dimensions of the audio system.

 Additionally, you have to be aware of how long the cable is that connects the source of power and the speakers be sure to examine the condition of the wire. 

To get the maximum performance from your system of audio, it's essential to choose the appropriate audio wire gauge. You can choose gauge wires because they provide quality products and quality services.

12 gauge speaker wire

First, you must decide the length each speaker wire is likely to run from the source of power and the speakers. This is particularly important in home audio installations as the speaker wire runs generally run between 10 and 20 feet or greater.

The second step is to choose the gauge of wire you'll select for a particular scenario. In general you can suggest that you use 12-gauge wire for up to 30-foot runs, 14-gauge wire for up to 18-foot-long runs.

The third step is to find out the quality of the wire that will perform best within your system. If you're using top-quality components such as a speaker amplifier, head unit, you need to choose the best speaker wire, too.

There are several options of gauge. When selecting a gauge, it is important to ensure that the instrument you choose is compatible with the object that you are trying to measure.