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Important Features of Dichroic Glass Pendants

Pendants made of dichroic glasses consist of many layers of metals or oxides. Dichroic glass pendants can especially transmit colors, just like glass. Dichroic glass pendants have a unique feature: when light passes through dichroic glasses pendants, they reflect a completely new color. This wonderful feature is dichroic glass.

This characteristic is due to the dichroic glass' many layers of metals and oxides. The wavelength of light that passes through the glass creates a spectacular display of colors. Because of this ability, many believed these stones were magical. To find COE96 CBS Dichroic Patterned Glass browse to Art Glass Supplies.

Even man-made versions can still display the dazzling light display. The coating will replicate the effects of natural dichroic stones by combining ultra-thin layers such as gold, silver, and platinum with thin layers of oxides like aluminum, zirconium, and magnesium. A finished piece of glass might have more than 50 layers.

Jewelers love unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and are always looking for materials that will allow them to do so. While jewelry made from glass can reduce its resale value, the fact that they are unique and never mass-produced means that there is no way to replicate them. Each piece's value will increase because of this.

Glass can be used in crafts. You can heat it and use hot. However, you can also use the glass in its raw form. Glass is often more difficult than regular glass because of the layers of metals and oxides. Normal glass does not have these layers, so it is much easier to cut. To cut the glass into the desired shape, you may need to heat it a little.