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Kitchen Designers In Auckland

There are many talented kitchen designers in Auckland, but who are the best? We take a look at some of the city's top talent to find out. The best place to get a new kitchen in Auckland has changed – but it isn't Willcox.

In the past five years, Auckland's rolling landscape of house-flips has seen a new king crowned – one that's been dethroned three times already. To find more Information  about the  Kitchen designers in Auckland visit

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Willcox are now the clear leaders when it comes to ripping out and replacing kitchens, but only because they've always done that work themselves. The company went straight to the top of the pack in 2011, when its numbers climbed 27 per cent year on year, taking out more than $1 million for its home owners. 

Then Halcrow rose up to take over second position in 2013 – a spot it held until last year, when Willcox took back the crown.

Halcrow, who've been involved in the Auckland housing market for almost 20 years, have grown into a trusted name in the industry, but recently found themselves in third place when they fell by 23 per cent to less than $1 million. 

They're still an extremely popular choice in the city's scenario, however – one survey we conducted revealed Halcrow as the fourth most recommended builder of all time. 

Aucklanders have clearly been impressed with this company's work over the years – a survey of its customers found that 95 percent were satisfied with their house.