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Know The Components Of A Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System

A great commercial kitchen filtration system has many important components that are necessary to do a good job. Here are some important components:

1– Hood

The hood is located straight above the hob burners and the fan sucks the smoke into the pipes and filter system. You can also browse this site to know more about the commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system.

This is the path of the standard exhaust filtration system in the kitchen. Most hoods also use grease filters.

2 – Ductwork

The design of the ducting for a commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system is important. This is the path that the contaminated air is drawn through into a filtration system. Ducts must be accessible so they can be cleaned easily, and fewer lines leading to the filter unit are better than a complicated multiple-turn configuration.

3 – filter equipment

The filtration equipment is a crucial element of the kitchen exhaust filtration system. It can be an electrostatic precipitator using a number of ESP filter modules. Some exhaust filtration systems utilize an odor handle module to remove unpleasant odors from the air stream.

4 – Fans/Blowers

The fan is the part of the system that draws smoke and polluted air into the duct and expels clean, filtered air from the exhaust vent. This fan can also include what is called a so-called "make-up" fan. This fan is designed to pump air back into your cooking zone to ensure a constant flow of clean air flowing through the zone.