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Make Your Wedding Memorable With Wedding Cakes In Toronto

The wedding cake plays an important role in the wedding celebration. In fact, some brides plan their entire wedding based on the style of their cake. 

While the traditional white layered cake covered in the figure of the newlyweds still holds true, colorful cakes with whimsical themes and prominent personalities have had a huge impact on our pop culture psyche. If you want to make your special day memorable then you can find a  top cake shop in Toronto online to make your special cake. 

The style of the wedding cake depends on your choice of the type of wedding and the overall tone you receive, whether formal, contemporary, informal, traditional, indoor, or outdoor. 

Once you've decided on a style, you can provide all this information to your cake designer and give them a photo or decorating ideas with colors and materials, themes and motifs.

A themed wedding cake can reflect not only the reception but also based on the location of your honeymoon. For example, a wedding cake might feature a Hawaiian motif such as a palm tree on a sandbar or a couple surfing or climbing a mountain. 

Traditional wedding cakes are round but can be updated as a stack of shrinking squares. Another trend right now is decorating cakes in layers with asymmetrical, colorful, fresh flower arrangements.