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Pool Security With Glass Pool Fencing

Due to the high number of drownings in swimming pools, Australian state governments agreed to establish a fence around the pool rules – making it mandatory for homeowners with swimming pools to construct a fence around the pool in order to safeguard the lives of those who live there.

Although it's the best option to choose the standard fencing made of steel most households choose the more stylish option and opt for a frameless style comprised of glass. Glass fencing is appealing and attractive. 

It gives a sophisticated look to your swimming pool and adds a touch of elegance to your landscaping. In most cases, you won't be aware of it because of the clear view. This is a stunning choice. Make an enquiry before installing the glass pool fencing or any kind of fencing simply call the experts.

Glass Fence Security

The most frequently asked question is whether the fence's glass is safe. A lot of people believe that while trying to keep kids safe from falling into the pool what can you do to protect your children from breaking the fence?

The answer lies dependent on the type of glass utilized. The fence is typically composed of toughened glass, with the thickness ranging from 8-12 millimeters. A glass piece that is 12mm is extremely difficult to break. If you are thinking of your fencing, think of your backyard. Fences are available in a variety of dimensions and styles. 

Pool Safety Regulations

Even even if the glass fence company guarantees that the fence will be in compliance with the laws of the government, it is strongly advised to speak with your local municipality or yourself before having the fence put up. They will assign someone to examine your pool after the fence is in place and it is logical to ensure it is done correctly starting from the beginning.