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Singapore: Cheap one-bedroom apartment under the BTO program

In 2014, a one-bedroom apartment was valued at SGD 10,000 under the Housing and Development Council's latest Built-to-Order (BTO) program, the lowest on record since SHG launched in 2011, despite higher construction costs. You can search more details about Pullman residences via

Singapore: Cheap one-bedroom apartment under the BTO program

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In 2011, the Singapore Housing and Development Council introduced a special CPF Housing Grant (SHG) originally intended to be awarded to families who can apply for a 1, 2, or 4 bedroom apartment for the first time in a large immature house imposed by HDB.

Even better – from 27 August 2013 the SHG will also benefit middle-income households looking to purchase apartments with up to 4 bedrooms. Also, the CPF (Central Insurance Fund) special housing grant, among other housing subsidies, allows individuals to own their first home and keep it for a long time.

The low price for the one-bedroom apartment above includes a government grant of SGD 60,000 consisting of a CPF Housing Special Allowance of SGD 20,000 and an additional CPF Housing Allowance (AHG) of SGD 40,000, compared to apartments where buyers are without applications. Government subsidies are available with prices starting at SGD 70,000.

The cheapest apartment under the BTO program is a one-bedroom apartment that was sold at Rivervale Arc for SGD 68,000 in June 2010. Since SHG was only available since 2011, government housing subsidies were less significant in 2010.

However, significantly lower prices indicate that the Singapore government remains committed to increasing the availability of HDB housing for low-income families. In recent years, for example, HDB has offered apartments that are affordable, albeit small, despite higher construction costs.