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The Pros of Using Magic Mushrooms for Depression

Studies show that patients with treatment-resistant depression respond well to psilocybin. The results showed that psilocybin "reset" the brain in these patients. dr. Robin Carhart-Harris led the research on psilocybin and said that "electric seizure therapy" had a "similar effect on the brain". Psilocybin shroom can give these people the temporary 'start' they need to get out of their depression.

Treatment-resistant depression is when symptoms of depression are not relieved by proven therapies, including:

– Various drugs

– Various speech therapies

– Lifestyle changes

– Alternative therapy

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Long-lasting results

Studies show that after two doses of psilocybin, the relief lasts up to five weeks. Separate studies have shown that a single dose of psilocybin can relieve anxiety and depression in cancer patients.

In contrast, many depressed patients must take daily antidepressants and/or take weekly therapy for similar benefits. This form of treatment can take years.

The rapid action of psilocybin mushrooms in depression is interesting, as antidepressants and/or therapy can take weeks to benefit the patient. This can be a problem if your depressive symptoms are severe. Self-injurious behaviour or suicidal thoughts require immediate treatment.

Researchers claim that magic mushrooms help depressed patients reconnect with their emotions. You compare this effect to antidepressants, which relieve depression by suppressing your emotions. Many patients taking antidepressants say that they help reduce bad moods, but also reduce positive moods. This can make you feel numb or flat.