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Treatment Of Thumb Sucking At Home

One of the most common habits in children under the age of two is thumb sucking, which is usually associated with the need for food. The child uses this habit while getting bored, or usually as an attempt to pacify time when getting nervous.

But sometimes children can engage in sucking their thumbs even while relaxing, listening to stories, or sleeping. There is the world’s #1 resource of thumb guards for thumb suckers that can help them to stop the habit.

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Let's take a look at some simple ways to stop thumb sucking so that bad habits don't develop over time.

Try to stop sucking your thumb when the permanent teeth come in children, which usually takes about 4 to 6 years. You can also use a thumb guard to prevent inflammation.

As a parent, you must take the necessary measures, in the form of quality medical care, to prevent your child from developing thumb-sucking.

Talk to your child, explain the reasons and how to work together to end the habit, don't force them to quit as this will strengthen the habit. To encourage kids, parents can use reward technique, praise effort, and offer quality care when the child doesn't suck the thumb.

Never feel frustrated or angry with your child for sucking their thumb as they tend to make gestures a bad habit.

Try to find the cause of the habit, regardless of whether the child is doing it for convenience or nervousness, and then try to eliminate the cause by spending time with your child.

Provide replacements and keep them busy.

If you follow small tips, you can prevent your child from sucking a lot.