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Types of Compression Socks For Daily Living

Compression socks are used for various health reasons. They can prevent or treat circulation problems in the feet and legs. Also known as compression stockings or support socks, they help people with tired legs, leg pain, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and can prevent blood clots.

While they are used daily by those on their feet for most of the day or by those who travel as part of their occupations, more and more athletes are incorporating them into training regimens.


Today's athletes wear compression socks to minimize their aches and pains. They assist with leg circulation for a variety of professional athletes and weekend warriors in cycling, soccer, track, and field, and soccer, among others. 

They can be used during or after workouts, long bike rides, and marathons. The lower compression levels are ideal for athletes, and many manufacturers have introduced special lines of support socks in soft cotton with moisture wicking for comfort. To know more about the best sock subscription, you may visit


Men's support socks are ideal for those who are on their feet all day and at risk for DVT. Many styles offer plain and ribbed socks that resemble professional dress socks. They are available in knee lengths, thigh lengths, and waist lengths, with some also offering extra wide calf sizes. Some waist-length varieties made especially for men provide a fly for comfort and convenience.


Travel socks are specially designed to minimize the risk of blood clots during long airplane flights and car travel. Graduated compression improves circulation, with higher levels at the ankle and lower leg to the calf and knee. Compression knee high socks for travelers have a soft elastic band that helps them stay in place throughout the flight.