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Types Of Face Oxygen Masks

There are a vast variety of face oxygen masks and they can be placed into three major types. First type is those masks that are used by health practitioners in hospitals and second type of masks are those that are used by pilots on account of the high altitude conditions they often experience and lastly there are those that are utilized in harsh environments where there’s limited source of oxygen. If you are looking to buy a face mask, then visit

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The third area comprises industries that produce chemicals which are bad for people. Oxygen masks are used in the case of a fire epidemic. The primary difference between these oxygen masks is usually predicated on the method by which the mask is sealed to the face, the plan of the mask, the sturdiness of the material used in designing the mask.

The masks used by the pilots have been designed in a way that the oxygen source to the mouth and the nose is abundant. This increased supply of oxygen is normally appropriate once the pilot is in an unpressurised cabin such as in certain aircraft like the fighter aircraft. The seal that’s normally situated across this specific pilot’s surface is light and pristine. The main reason is to offer the pilot’s comfort.

The regulator is also contained by the mask. The purpose with this regulator is to make certain the pilot is safe in terms of the quantity of oxygen that reaches them. Medical face oxygen masks are small, exceptionally light in weight and will be disposed of.

They often resemble a cone shaped material that is held to the face with an elastic cable. The oxygen masks are sealed into the face and they’re usually heavy and robust. A few of them have a hood to make certain that they are completely sealed.