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What Includes In First Antenatal Checkup

Regular check-ups during pregnancy can be very important. Statistically, women who visit their GP, nurse, or midwife regularly during pregnancy are likely to have healthier babies, are less likely to deliver prematurely, or to experience serious pregnancy complications.

Of course, monitoring pregnancy will help expectant mothers stay healthy, have fewer weight problems (gain or lose), and alert you to potential problems before they develop into serious ones that can affect the fetus. Infants greatly affect the health of women. 

Antenatal exams are also an ideal opportunity to ask questions and share concerns with expectant mothers. You can also frequently ask questions on Antenatal care services from the expert.

antenatal care service

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First antenatal check:

This usually occurs between the 8th and 12th week of pregnancy. This usually includes date scans to give you due dates and to check your baby's heart rate. In this early stage, if you are carrying more than one baby, you will learn.

It is also detected at this early stage if it is an ectopic pregnancy. This is one of the main reasons women should undergo early prenatal screening because an ectopic pregnancy that is not detected early can be life-threatening.

Your blood pressure will be checked and you will be weighed. These two checks are done at every appointment and are recorded on your pregnancy register. Your stroke will also be measured at each visit and you may have the opportunity to listen to your baby's heartbeat.