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What Is Salt Nicotine Juice?

Salted nicotine juice, as some call it, is an electronic juice that contains nicotine salts. Nicotine salts, as they are known as vapors, are a type of nicotine used in electronic liquids that allow high concentrations of nicotine to be used without the resulting vapor being too raw to inhale. Salt nicotine is the perfect choice for vapers.

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Why Nicotine Salts Work At Greater Strengths

Nicotine salts used in today's electronic fluids, several considerations were taken into account. First, it tastes good. Then there is suppleness. And then there's conversion. 

Now let's look at these aspects to better understand what scientists have improved on nicotine salts to create the modern flavors used by electronic liquid manufacturers to juice nicotine salts. 

The smell is of course important. Because of this, modern nicotine salts are designed to provide a pleasant taste as they evaporate. 

Nicotine must be completely fine when vaped in order for them to be utilized at greater concentrations, which is why nicotine salts are often found in powers that far surpass what freebase nicotine juice is located in. 

For example, you might get a 50mg/ml nicotine salt vape juice, but you won’t hear of any vapers attempting to vape wherever near that concentration with free nicotine because it would be way too hard. 

That last bit, absorption, is the rate at which the nicotine is absorbed by the user. Today’s nicotine salts consume fast, making them excellent for past smokers who need a quick nicotine fix from their vape.