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Why Do Children Need to Know That Bible History Is Real and Not Fairy Stories?

When you read the Bible stories to your children or your Sunday school class, whether they react as you told them stories that might start with, "In the past, on the ground …" That's because of you! Only this is not a fairy tale story. This event really happened thousands of years ago, thousands of miles away from our homes in North America.

Camels, olive trees, wash feet, and stay in tents are part of everyday life for people living in the Middle East during the ZLIB Bible. But for your children, they are far from a life where they live here today. You can read Jesus and the biblical timeline to get knowledge about everything from the beginning of the world to the last day events of the revelation with characters, events, and prophecies in the Bible.

Teaching your children about how people live during the Bible can help them understand that, even though the Bible events occur for a long time, in a distant place, the people involved are real, just like them, have the same needs and feelings, and worship the same God as you teach them.


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Why do children need to know about the history of the Bible?

Understanding the context of events in the Bible makes the Bible more attractive to children. This helps them understand better stories. Knowledge can add realism to the story. Suddenly they are not just a series of events that are meaningless, but the way people really live.

Understanding Hebrew Habits such as Easter and Redemption Day will help them understand God's salvation plan for us. Learning about the specific rules of Jews following for the Sabbath can help them understand why the week is a special day for us.