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Why Should Everyone Try Paintball Game Once?

Paintball is a really fun and great way to spend an evening or an afternoon! The best thing about paintball is talking to your teammates. It takes teamwork to win every game! You can now also have a paintball birthday party at Paintball USA with your loved ones. 

Why Paintball in London is Perfect for Workplace Team Building

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You will talk to your team by asking where the enemy or target is. You can shout "man on the left" or whatever happens on the field. It's just a really fun experience and you should give it a try. 

It's Painless:- Most people are afraid to try paintball because they think it is very painful. NOT MANY! It stings you a bit, but you don't have to cry and run to the hospital. 10 seconds after the shot, the pain is gone and your back is ready for the next game. At the end of the day you will get a small bruise where you were shot. It is recommended to wear extra clothing to reduce punctures when shooting.

No fixed costs:- Many people think that paintball costs a lot of money. Well, they're kind of right. When renting a gun, mask and paintball. Paintball equipment prices vary based on whether you need to bring your own paint or buy it on the field.

Did paintball ruin your clothes?

Paintballs usually do not contaminate clothing or fabrics. Several brands of paintballs have been found to dye some light colored fabrics. This is because dyes are used to color the filling and fabric. Most dyes will not stain white cotton fabrics or cotton/skirts after washing. You will never see a dark cloth with paintball stains on it. A good rule of thumb is not to play paintball in light clothing and you shouldn't have a problem with that.