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A Guide On Automatic Watch Winders

Like choosing the perfect watch, purchasing an updated watch winder must be a decision that is entirely yours. However, there are some important aspects to be aware of when shopping for a new winder that will increase your enjoyment from an electronic watch winder in the long term.

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Programming settings, it is the most vital element to consider when purchasing the watch winder. It is important to ensure that the winder is equipped with a range of choices for turning each day (TPD) and the range from 650 to 1800 daily turns is sufficient for the majority of automatics.

It is important to choose a winder that can turn counterclockwise, clockwise, and bi-directionally to ensure every watch's requirements are fulfilled.

High Quality of Build: The internet is full of an alarmingly large number of horror stories that are posted on the internet regarding cheaply built watch winders that are not built with any protection of the motor.

This could cause watches to become magnetized with time. There's no need to worry about this issue with any mid-priced or top-end winder.

The Position of The Watch in the Winder: The ideal place for a watch in the winder is vertical (or close to vertical) to ensure that the gravity force is maximized every time you turn.