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All About Car Dealership Options

Remember that the sticker price is not always the final price when buying a car or truck. The number of options available will play a major role in determining the final price. Certain dealer add-ons can be lived without. These are the options you should avoid, like a four-wheeled lemon.

1. Extended warranty coverage.

Because cars and trucks are made to last longer than they were in the past, warranties should be longer. You can always buy additional coverage from an independent source if you feel you really need it. You will get a better deal from an independent source than the dealer. You can also look for the best car dealerships company via

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2. Window etching

This is done by etching your vehicle identification number (VIN) on the car or truck’s window. Dealers will tell you that this will allow them to track your vehicle if it is stolen. You could also purchase a kit for etching and do it yourself.

3. Rust-proofing.

This sounds great for your truck or car, but there is more. This feature is redundant and can be costly. Today's warranties tend to include rust protection that lasts many years. If a truck or car dealer claims that they have already applied rust-proofing, be cautious.

It can be costly enough to buy a new truck or car. Avoiding these add-ons from the dealership can help you save a lot of time, money, effort, and money.