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All About Kitchen Renovation Guide

You might think about the type of cabinets, tables, floors, lighting, and equipment that you want but this is just a starting point. To have well designed that will meet your household needs must function properly and have adequate storage. So how do you determine the right amount of storage for your space. Let's start with some basic.

There are three sizes determined by the kitchen and bath association. They are small, medium and big. Small consists of legs less than 150 square feet. The kitchen starts at 151 square feet and rises to 350 square feet. While the big ones are defined as more than 350 square feet. You can check out kitchen renovation via online resources.

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The first step to design the kitchen with the right storage is to find out the size of the kitchen what you have. Each kitchen sized has its own guideline set by a homular to ensure the appropriate amount of storage is taken into account.

This is how it works. A designer will take the design of the whole kitchen and break it down with the front of the cabinet. Each cabinet can be calculated in the following way. The width of the cabinet in inches x the number of shelves and drawers x the foot cabinet on depth = shelves and the front drawer.