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Birth of the Digital Agency

High-performing companies understand that their web and digital activities are critical marketing and communication platforms for connecting with their customers and target markets.

When these organizations are seeking a web design, development, or internet marketing service provider, the problem is separating the 'correct' service provider from the thousands on the market. A digital agency is a company that specializes in the creative and technical development of web-based products. You can look for the best digital agency on the sunshine coast via

What Is Digital Marketing? (Learn it in 5 Minutes)

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These services range from the more general (web design, e-mail marketing, logo design, and micro-sites) to the more specialized (custom-built content management systems, ecommerce, web application development, social media marketing, mobile compatible web development, search engine optimization, and systems integration services). 

Digital agencies tend to differ from their more traditional advertising agencies and their marketing agency counterparts in that they tend to deliver only certain types of web complimentary offline services such as logo design, icon design, and graphic design. 

In the ever-changing internet environment, digital marketing agencies have also evolved to differentiate themselves. Digital agency services transcend so many traditional service lines, such as advertising, graphic design, web design and development, online marketing, and search engine optimization, that there was no way to characterize them before the term "digital agency" was developed.