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How to Cut Duct Board

When it comes to heating and air-conditioning stuff, duct board would be your new standard. This particularly designed insulating material is produced in 4'x 10' (1.2mx3m) sheets, that is scored and brushed as needed to match about any ductwork system conceivable. If you want to know more you can navigate via

To cut back the duct board for the following heating and air setup, you are going to utilize an abysmal guide square and also a sliding duct tape to evaluate the sheet in numerous points along its own length. This will let it be folded to certain measurements to outfit your own HVAC system using ducts which go air more effectively, reducing noise, preventing escapes and fever loss.

duct board

* Duct board is fabricated in three different thicknesses: 1 inch (2.5 cm), 1.5 inches (3.8 cm), and 2 inches (5.1 cm). The depth of this plank you use will likely be decided by the kind of installation you are performing.

* Unlike traditional cutting edge tools, strand knives comprise specially-shaped blades which can be intended to cut female and male flaps into the face of the duct board. Cut back folding ductwork, then you are going to need either a red-handled or orange-handled knife, along with a gray-handled knife and also a different utility knife to get fashioning the border flaps.

* Lay the sheet width-wise across a raised work surface, like a woodworking stage or crafting dining table. The feminine advantage of this duct board (the notched groove through that the colored insulating material is observable ) ought to be geared closer.