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Impressive Features about Aerospace Engineering

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Regardless of one accepts it or not, we humans are always known to be keen on flights. Flights have become a part of us allowing us to travel from one destination to another. Moreover, thanks to aerospace engineering humans can also travel to space to learn many things. All of this is possible since aerospace engineering has come a long way today where many of us still think and observe with interest and keenness. These are some of the impressive features that aerospace engineering attracts many people to pursue a career.

  1. Flight Invention – Wright brothers were the first who invented the flight. With the concept of the Wright brothers, engineers have come a long way to invent and engineer new flights to take us, humans, sky-high. However, it was the Wright brothers who achieved 4 key elements allowing them to take the skies even if it was for a period of just 12 seconds.
  2. First Individual in Space – On 12th April 1961, Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first individual to travel in space. With the help of a small capsule called Vostok 1, he was the first to complete one full orbit of the earth who then managed to land himself safely on earth allowing him to observe the cold darkness of space from earth.
  3. Apollo Program – Humans would have never imagined landing on the moon. However, it was possible due to the introduction of the Apollo Program. The Saturn 5 rocket was the first ever built by humans allowing it to travel to the moon.

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