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Need of a Social Media Company Fan Page

Fans page is the most widely used way to promote the company when you target Facebook for social media marketing needs. Such pages are linked to a regular account and the basic idea is to get “likes” or fans and not friends.

They can become customers and even only people who are interested in your company or industry where you are active. You can find social media company in Vancouver from

This will depend on how you will communicate with them to turn fans into prospects, customers, and satisfied customers who will spread the news about what you have to offer.

When you post something, it is in the mind that social media is about building a community. Think of your content will or is worthless for users who like your page and post afterward.

You must be informative and communicate in a way that doesn’t sell. The theory said that a maximum of 10 posts must be commercial, others need to be informative.

You are free to add images, videos, and photos and their limits will only be your creativity. Think of the number of likes as a potential list for e-mail marketing. The idea is the same; it’s just a different media. Many users have received hundreds of e-mail per day and will be more effective for targeting them through a fan page.

We talk about company pages but you can do one for a website and even for you if you are a reference person in your industry. This is a very effective way to connect with your audience and collect almost instant feedback. It is recommended to check regularly analytic to see how many impressions you have for certain posts to understand this method what the readers expect you.