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Organic Weed Control Methods

If you are wondering about effective weed eradication without the risk of endangering your organic garden then wonder no further because here are a few easy, cheap, accessible and, most of all, organic weed control tips that you can do to rid your garden of those pesky and persistent weeds.

First of all, you have to understand that weeds sprout in open cultivated areas. If you chose to grow your plants in a well-cultivated spot in your garden, there is a big possibility that weeds may contend with your young foliage and shrubbery and rob them of the nutrients that they need.

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Well, fear no longer because you can easily get rid of these pests through a number of organic weed killers.

One method is placing mulch over the cultivated soil. Mulch is a protective cover placed over the cultivated soil, first of all, to change the effect of the local environment.

But mulch can also be used as a means to control weeds. It does this by depriving the weeds of light – an essential aspect to consider if one is to succeed in this organic weed control method. Its advantages are that it is easy to lay down, retrieve, transfer and store.

Some organic materials used as mulch are grass clippings, leaves, hay, comfrey, and shredded bark. Using mulch also makes the plants healthier as a majority of these materials are also used as direct composting.