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PP Shopping Bags – Complete Solution For All Packaging Needs

PP woven bags and sacks have shown their value in the packaging units for a long time. These bags and sacks are mostly used to pack, store and transport various types of materials throughout the world. It has got this wide acceptance in the market because of its one very interesting property “It is strong but almost weightless.

These bags come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. The best part is these bags can be adjusted based on needs easily, many features can be added in the same bag or sack to increase its usefulness. Many manufactures do this to prepare the appropriate product. Polypropylene shopping bags are known to their characteristics as follows.

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  • It is made of polypropylene material, so it can be reused
  • This is a moisture resistance
  • The woven technique followed in making these bags makes it resistant to torn until it is done by sharp objects
  • Both sides of the brand printing are possible on this bag
  • Woven techniques make it breathe but provide protection from moisture
  • It has good burst power
  • Lamination of the polypropylene sacks weaving is possible to make it get to the steam and moisture
  • This can be made partially transparent, features that are very useful in impressive presentations
  • PP woven bags are popular with different names, such as woven bags, PP bags, pp woven sacks.

What makes PP bag suitable for packaging?

The popularity of pp woven bags as packaging material has increased a lot because of the increasing requirements of packaging, storage, and transportation of goods worldwide. Its characteristics such as high melting indices with low density, 100 percent durable and reusable, easy to clean, anti-bacterial, waterproof with lamination, breathing, easy to produce makes it one of the best alternatives.