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Preventing Back Pain and the Best Back Pain Relief Products

As most of us know, back pain is one of those things that happens to nearly everyone and is hard to get rid of.  So prevention is almost certainly the best cure, but what do we do to prevent it?  Well making sure your spine is in its most natural state, is probably the best thing you can do and by that I mean straight, well as straight as a spine should be.

Lets take lifting for example, how many people know that you should lift things by bending your knees and not bending at the waist?  Everybody I hear you cry, but not everybody does know and those of us that do, still do it wrong.  It is one of those things that you do have to think about every time you do it, just so you do it properly.

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What about sitting down? Sitting down you say, what can be wrong with that?  Well sitting in the right seat or in the right position, can make a lot of difference to your back.  Remember your mum or dad saying sit up straight, well maybe they weren't just having a go, maybe they where thinking of your back. 

Most people do sit in the wrong position in this day and age, especially with people sitting hunched over the computer a lot of the time, sitting with an erect back is very important.

How about lying down?  Oh, come on, what can be wrong with lying down?  Well lying in the right position can be one of the hardest things to do and I bet you didn't know that, but it's true.  We can twist and turn our backs badly if we do not have the right mattress, or we always sleep on our sides and curled up.