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Tips For Applying Eye Mascara Perfectly

Eyes are among the most captivating facial characteristics. Eyes that speak can charm the observer. With many things riding on how the eyes look, it's essential to know how to put on mascara without clumping. If you are a fan of big lashes you can buy Natural Mascara – Lily Lolo Clean Makeup online in NZ.




  • Lashes That Are Curled For The Greatest Impact

Eyelashes should be curled to make them more noticeable. So, pull your curlers to curl the lashes beautifully. The ideal is for the curling to be done two times. One before you actually apply the mascara, and the other one after you have applied the mascara. 

  • The Right Coat Is Essential

Mostly you're applying the coating starting from the roots and going towards the tips. But, it could be that you are simply running the wand from the roots up to the tips. The best method to achieve this is to apply the mascara from the roots up to the tips by making a small zig-zag. 

  • Get Rid Of The Mascara, Which Can Form Lumps

Eyelashes that are stuck together after the application of mascara are not something to be concerned about. It simply signifies that a tiny amount of mascara is too much and must be removed to achieve the perfect appearance. 

  • Make Sure They Are Free Of Smudges Using An Emulsion

After all the time and effort put into your application process, do not want your mascara to get smudged by makeup. Consider primers that are applied before the makeup. This will help keep the mascara intact. Choose the appropriate type of mascara, based on the task you're going to do.