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Tips For Choosing The Right Social Media Agency in Atlanta

Nowadays, outsourcing your company's Facebook and Twitter profiles to a social media agency is an increasingly popular option, thanks to reduced costs and increased flexibility. But what should you consider when picking an agency to work with? We look at four ways that top customers are using to choose an agency to work with.

Do They Understand Your Culture And Vision?

Making sure your chosen agency understands your company culture and vision is of critical importance. The social media agency will be representing your brand online, so they'll need to know your brand inside out.

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The History and Evolution of Digital Marketing Updated

However, rather than expecting them to know your brand and industry perfectly from the outset, as the client, it's your role to ensure the agency sticks to your brand values and vision. When appointing an agency, ensure they understand your brand by teaching them through a workshop or seminar.

Are They Skilled Communicators?

Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all about communication, so your agency will need to be able to communicate concisely and coherently to ensure your brand's values and reputation are projected accurately. A successful social media agency is one that is staffed by skilled communicators.

Digital marketing managers often come from a wide range of roles focused around interaction with the public, for example, PR roles, customer service, or journalism. Your agency will likely contain a mix of people from these backgrounds, which is a great benefit over tasking one person in-house with your social networking, who may only be skilled in one area.

The Right Methods

One of the most important ways of differentiating between one social media agency and another is through their methods. You need to be sure the agency is using up-to-date methods that generate results.