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Designing Custom Made Neon Signs For Your Business

Clear signage is essential for a retail store. Signage that is distinctive and stands out among the rest must be easily found by customers. The sign should be striking and simple, easily visible at all times of the day, and communicate your business’s nature. This may seem like a daunting task, but it can be accomplished with a custom-made neon sign.

The attraction of neon custom-made signs is something that has not been lost with the introduction of LED signage. Neon’s warm glow, nostalgia for simpler times, and a wide variety of colors are what make it so appealing.

Custom Made Neon Signs

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When designing a neon sign, think about your entire business brand. Do you want it to be as simple as your business name and brand colors? You can also use a graphic to show your logo. A cartoon representation of your main product offering, in bright neon colors. It can be overwhelming to choose from so many choices.

Before you design your shop front or business entrance, take a moment to look around. Take a look at the signs to your left and down the street. What do they say and how are they presented? Take note of the colors used and the formats. You can ensure that your custom-neon sign stands out and is visible.

Finally, find a neon-focused designer. A custom neon stylist will be able to use curves and colors to create a sign that communicates your label and seems appealing.