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How To Care For Your Undergarments

We hear a lot about how to get the right bras, features, styles (which I’ll cover at some point), and so on, but we don’t often get advice on how to best care for beautiful lingerie. I think this area is important because it not only allows our underwear to be enjoyed but also helps make it last longer which is so vital in these economic times!

The first step is to buy quality maternity underwear. It is becoming clearer than ever that the better the quality, the greater the longevity. It’s better to have four women’s bras that are in good shape and thus give you the right fit and lift you need compared to eight cheap quality bras that don’t give you much lift, not to speak of fit and support. At this point, you may want to consider the benefits of suitable bras for women.

The way you put on and take off your bra is also important. Ideally, when you’re wearing women’s bras, you’ll want to first put your arms through the straps, and then bring your hands toward your back to put the hooks together.

From experience, I can really tell you that this takes a little practice with persistence. In no time, you will find that it is faster than tying your bra in the front and wrapping it around the back. It also puts less pressure on the bracelet which will also pick up less body dirt or even body cream.

Use a gentle cleanser to avoid stripping them of color and maintain their elasticity. I recommend soaking it first in warm water to remove most of the dirt. This will allow for less exfoliation and thus reduce stress on your underwear.

I know some women vow to never wash hands! In that case, put them in a basket or lingerie bag finished with the hooks for the women’s bras and put them in a nice washing machine. Never dry women’s underwear in a clothes dryer and always dry it away from direct heat or sunlight, lay flat or dry flat if possible, and reshape specially molded bras while wet.